Sunday, January 23, 2011

Holy F


It's scary as hell.

Let's overlook the fact that, once you become a parent, you also become entirely responsible for someone else's well-being - physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, etc. And let's overlook the fact that, as the old cliche goes, kids don't come with instruction manuals.

Instead, I'd like to discuss the incredibly unfair circumstances that leave a child at his most vulnerable, medically, while he can't a) tell you what's wrong, or b) take anything for his illnesses.

Seriously - nothing. No antibiotics, no cough medicine, no Benadryl. We can't even give him acetaminophen for the fever. All we can give him is food which he won't even, love that he doesn't notice because he's so sick, and mist from a humidifier that looks like a frog.

So, to repeat another cliche...this stuff is NOT for sissies.

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