Thursday, April 7, 2011


You have all waited patiently...some more patiently than others.

My favorite part of this whole, I-have-news game has been fielding the predictions that you've offered: from pending pregnancies (shame on ya'll, by the way - you know I have a sleep-vampire five month old), to pending missions to space (that was only one person, though, and I still don't know if they were joking).

But none of you guessed it, which is great considering how AWESOME this news is. So, to torture you no longer, I officially announce that the second book in the HEREAFTER trilogy will be named:


How much do you love that title? Isn't it perfect? Isn't it spoilery and tantalizing? Doesn't it make you want to know what's going to happen next?

Even better, I'm revealing it on April 7th, exactly two months before HEREAFTER officially releases in the United States. To celebrate my crazy-perfect second title and the fact that we're only two months away from HEREAFTER-day, I'm having another signed ARC giveaway contest!

HEREAFTER centers around a seriously creepy, mysterious bridge in southeastern Oklahoma. To enter this contest, Tweet or post on HEREAFTER's Facebook page a picture of the creepiest bridge you've ever seen.

For example:

Spooky, right? Can't you just picture a certain ghost girl walking down it, late at night?

Now your mission is to find one even spookier! The winner will be chosen completely at my discretion (since I'm electing myself Grand Priestess of Creepy Bridges), on Friday, April 15th. When you tweet, just be sure to include @thudsonwrites. So start shooting, start tweeting, and get ready to ARISE!


  1. That's cool... But I'm trying to compare that to how cool a pregnant space mission would have been. Just sayin'.

  2. ARISE! I LOVE IT!!! What a great title for Book 2!

    And the bridge...totally creepy. Creepy enough to have been the inspiration for HEREAFTER?

  3. amazing!! I love the second title!
    and omg! I cant wait for Hereafter release!

  4. Great title! Haha I wanna know what the cone is doing on the side there I guess it's a caution to make sure keep the speed limit of 5 right? Haha fun contest!