Monday, June 14, 2010

That Foot Doesn't Taste Very Good...

So, you know how sometimes you do or say something dumb, and it's easily misinterpreted? And you know how I'm not perfect? Well, combine those two ideas and you have a nice slice of my afternoon, in which I inadvertently offended a friend.

After trying to remedy this mistake with said friend (who, blessedly, is very understanding), I thought about how I might incorporate such a speak-before-thinking trait in one of my characters. After all, it's a flaw I know well.

Since I've been absent lately, how about I pose a question - what are the ways in which you've occasionally inserted your foot into your mouth? How did you fix the problem you created? And, since my apologies tend to be inarticulate and blubbering (if sincere) messes, how do you craft a good one?

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