Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here I am...

Well, you've all heard my bitter diatribes against Facebook and Twitter. (It should be twitting, not tweeting, if you ask me). I take issue with the very idea of the Status Updates of the Mundane and Famous. "Major Singer-songwriter feels his sushi about to come up" = a serious overshare, in my book. In fact, a major event has to occur in order for me to post my own status updates. Ex.: Being snowed in for four days with only leftover Christmas turkey and few bottles of red wine; I dare anyone to resist that kind of updating-temptation.

Despite the fact I'm an admitted troglogyte, I find myself drawn - albeit REALLY belatedly - to the world o' Blog, particularly when I read such gems as The Rejectionist and the (dearly departed, bloggywise) Miss Snark. When you add the delightfully vicious comments of the Query Shark, how can I resist? The literary agents have graciously shared their thoughts on the world of writing, querying, and publishing. So, why shouldn't I share my thoughts on my side of that process with my dear friends - ya'll! (FYI, this blog will be chock full o' Oklahomanisms. Deal with it.)

So...here am I. Are you ready?

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